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 This came from good friends who are in Kenya. Please, pray for the peace of the country.

I’ll make this somewhat brief….Thanks for all the calls, emails, prayers and expressions of love and support! Last night the Lord protected us in a mighty way. Our neighborhood was targeted for house burning. Africans knew it, foreigners knew it, many people were very scared. One of our guards was told by many Africans not to bother to come to our house today because our neigborhood was “finished” as they say. To Richard’s surprise, nothing had happened in our neighborhood at all. We know the Lord delivered us, the children’s home, our pastor’s family and many friends and neighbors from certain destruction.

Pam and I have two tentative exit plans to make it to Nairobi…. Once we get to Nairobi… we’ll work on getting our KLM tickets changed so we can get home to the U.S. We do not want to make those arrangements prematurely in case we cannot get to Nairobi. If and when peace returns to Kenya, we’ll decide what to do next. This is not how we envisioned leaving Kenya, but to remain here essentially under house arrest is not going to do anyone any good.

We appreciate your continued prayer support. The leaders of Kenya are really scaring everyone because the country is burning and the leaders are too proud to put their selfish ambitions aside for the good of the people. This is very typical of many African nations. We had thought Kenya was different, but it doesn’t seem so right now.


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