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I spoke this morning at the Love of Christ Church in the Memphis area. It was the perfect ending to a week of vacation for us. TLC holds a special place in my heart since, by God’s grace, I was able to have a small part in encouraging the launch of the church. 

We had a great time of worship, I sensed the Spirit of God in the service, and the people were very gracious. It was a real treat to see many friends, to watch our son Charlie compliment the worship with his guitar, and to be able to share the Word with the church.  

My dear friend, Dana Key (yes, of Degarmo and Key fame) is the pastor and has been very ill. Pray for Dana’s complete healing. 



  1. Pastor Sam:
    Sorry I did not know you were in Memphis over the weekend. I would have enjoyed hearing you. I trust you and Ruthe are well and will enjoy a blessed season of Christmas.

  2. I hate I missed you…..I wish I would have known that you were going to be in town

  3. Pastor Sam-
    I didn’t hear you were in town until Sunday afternoon. Joyce said she got to see you- so glad for that. She is in my Small Group along with my mother, Ann and several other ladies who once attended GBC. God has blessed our SG and is pouring His blessings over our church- LH. We just purchased the land to start building upon–with cash! He is an awesome God. Just wished you had been here with us. Merry Christmas to you, Ruthie and the children.

  4. Hi, I was a huge Degarmo and Key fan back in the day. A couple questions:
    1. Is Dana doing better?
    2. Do you know if the D and K reunion show was taped? Is it available? Thanks,

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