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Last night, I heard Richard Owen Roberts speak at a neighboring church. Mr. Roberts is an authority on spiritual awakenings, a bookseller, writer, pastor, and preacher. At 79, he has witnessed much of what God is doing – and much of what passes for the the work of God.

His message dealt with intimacy with God. Near the beginning, he pointed out that Psalm 73 (NASB) ends with the words,

the nearness of God is my good


As I listened, I recalled the many times when the nearness of God was my good.


*The night we received the phone call that our new-born granddaughter was near death. In the pre-dawn hours of the CCU at Arkansas Childrens’ Hospital, it was only the nearness of God that sustained us.


*During the last several years at GBC, it was the early-morning prayer meetings with a devoted prayer team that brought us a sense of the nearness of God.


*The nearness of God was my good through the months of surgeries, recuperation and physical therapy following a terrible auto accident in the Dominican Republic.


Mr. Roberts had three points to his message (loosely based on three individuals mentioned in Heb 11):


1. The beauty and desirability of the nearness of God (Enoch)


2. The cost of the nearness of God (Abraham)


3. The fragile nature of the nearness of God (Moses)


I found myself longing to spend every moment of the rest of my life to the end that God might say, “I like what I see.”


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