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Eloise is now almost 17 months old and doing great. We say ‘great’ because in the big picture she really is. She continues to keep us very busy as she walks everywhere and wants to climb up on everything. Anything and everything that her brothers are doing she wants to do also. Although she is a bit delayed with her speech she makes it VERY clear through grunts and pointing her finger as to what she wants. Eloise, as we have discovered, is a TOTAL drama queen, but also the most adventurous/daredevil of all our kids. We joke the she has a contract with God in the fact that since He decided to spare her life so far, nothing can harm her now.

The few setbacks that we currently face primarily deal with her gaining weight and tolerating her ‘feeds’. Her dietician is working faithfully with us to establish a high calorie/high protein/low sodium diet that will give her all the nutriencs that she needs to not only maintain but also gain weight. Eloise’s metabolism is so high she burns every ounce of food that goes into her body and has a hard time gaining weight. Eloise is also struggling with a reoccurring reflux issue that is making it hard to keep any food ‘down’.

This winter will be a true test to how strong her immune system really is. Babies with severe heart defects have low immune system and have a hard time fighting even the common cold/virus. She will receive a special immunity shot that will help her fight against RSV. We will spend more time indoors and away from other children with illness than we usually do during this season. Please pray that she remains healthy during this season.

She really is true miracle and joy to our hearts.

Sarah Owen






  1. Sam,
    I will share this update with our church family tonight at Wed. Prayer Meeting. They have continued to be interested in how you and your family are doing. We will be praying.
    Our oldest daughter in Nashville is getting very close to delivery time for her first child, a girl, remember Jenny and Michael Garrigan as they get ready to become parents soon.


  2. Sarah,

    Thank you so much for this update and the adorable new photos of your beautiful little “drama queen.” Please save your delightful description of her antics for the book that you must write someday about the challenges, as well as the blessings, of life with Eloise.

    We will step up our continuing prayers for her as winter approaches and pray that she does not suffer any serious setbacks. We hope that her “contract with God” will also protect her from viruses and infections.

    Eloise is a true miracle and joy to ALL of our hearts.


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