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Many people do not know that Oct 31 is Reformation Day. On October 31, a monk named Martin Luther walked to the cathedral of his little German town, Wittenberg, and nailed a list of “95 theses” to the door of the Cathedral.

Because the Cathedral door acted as a kind of newspaper or blog for the town, it drew attention. His “theses” were statements of belief and disagreement with the Roman Catholic practice of indulgences – the selling of a place in heaven to faithful givers.

I believe it would increase anyone’s appreciation for God’s grace if he or she would spend a few minutes reading about the Reformation.

Tim Challies has a long list of links for sites which celebrate, explain and seek to further the Reformation.

Also, check out Steve Weaver’s blog

Happy Reformation Day!!!


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  1. Thanks for the link, Dr. Shaw. Your site looks great!

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