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I receive a weblog from Life Action Revival Ministries. The latest blog is insightful in the ways of the Evil One. Check out the questions at the end of the blog.

Satan is a deceiver, a defiler, and a destroyer. His intent is to “undo” the revival you have experienced. His methods are often subtle, rather than obvious or blatant. Memorize the nine steps listed below and purpose to guard your heart from being ensnared by them. If you do find yourself on the superslide, you should immediately humble yourself and cry out to God so that He may send a “grace ambulance” rushing to your side. Yielding all expectations will help keep you off of the superslide.

1) Disappointment (comes from unfulfilled expectations)

2) Disillusionment (with God’s workers, God’s Word)

3) Discrediting (finding fault and verbalizing it)

4) Discouragement (worrying, disheartened)

5) Disobedience (backing up on God)

6) Depression (guilt because of irresponsibility and disobedience)

7) Despair (what’s the use trying?)

8) Defeat (giving up)

9) Destruction (the enemy’s goal in your life)


1. Which of these steps have the greatest potential to trip me up spiritually?

2. Is there any step of this superslide that I can see myself on right now?

3. How did I get there?

4. How can I protect myself from getting on this superslide?


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