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It’s official. Corrie and Nathan will have a girl in March.

This is so interesting, since Nathan’s family specializes in boys.

Corrie and Nathan have not chosen a name, and have suggested that any readers of this blog – all 3 of you – suggest a name.

Send it to

Here are the guidelines:

It can’t be so cute that she will not taken seriously if she is 25 and seeking to be a lawyer (that means “Bambi” is out!)

It has to go with the last name of Peak.

That’s about it.

Well, what do you think?



  1. Uncle Clayton has suggested strongly that she be named “Clayleen”. He is very proud

  2. Amber….or Natalie….or Ruthie…or Naomi…

    Or, and this one is just a joke: Cheso. So she could be named Chesopeak, like the Chesopeake.

    Yeah, that’s dumb!

  3. I personally like “razorback” for a girls name.

  4. Iim bad with names, but i LOL at “all 3 of you”. You know there’s at least 4…maybe 5 😉

  5. I am good with names, all my friends say so.
    I say she should be JACQUIE NORTHUMBERLAND PEAK.
    (ok, maybe some other local mountain1)
    Need more Jacquies…
    not biased or anything…

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