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Visit any bookstore, read any newsmagazine, watch any television – atheists are everywhere. This past weekend, the Atheist Alliance Convention in the Washington, D.C., was sold out – with a 600-person waiting list! Speakers included bestselling authors Richard Dawkins, (The God Delusion), Christopher Hitchens (God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything), Sam Harris, (Letter to a Christian Nation) and philosopher Daniel Dennett.

These atheists are different from the Madilyn Murray O’hair of my youth. Like her, they are aggressive and evangelistic in their unbelief. Unlike her, they are articulate. Like her, they blame today’s problems on organized religion. Unlike her, they are not scorned – instead, they sell millions of books.

And their numbers are growing – The number of Americans who say they do not believe God exists has doubled in recent years. In recent days, I’ve met several – right here in the buckle of the Bible belt.

Here’s a few questions –

1. What do you say to an atheist? When someone says God exists only as a dream, hallucination, or fantasy, and cannot be proven to exist – what do you say?

Maybe you’d just echo the words I once saw on a church I heard about a church sign that says, “Since I don’t believe in atheists, atheists don’t exist.” Cute, but hardly convincing.

2. Why do you believe in God? If it comes down to feeling him in your heart, the atheist will shrug his shoulders and say, “that feeling is self-produced, and can be traced back to chemical reactions in the body or self-hypnosis.”

3. Why is the number of atheists growing?

Here is the good news – there are enough reasons to believe in God to tip the scales of probability for any honest seeker. I’ll share more this week.


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