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Hearing of Dr. Kennedy’s death today took me back to the first church I served.

 I was a pastor – graduate of a Christian university and Christian Seminary. I had studied evangelism, read dozens of books on evangelism, tried to witness dozens of times, preach on evangelism – and frustrated with evangelism.

People felt uncomfortable as I tried to witness and “draw the net.” I felt uncomfortable. Everyone wished it were over with.

 How does a pastor learn to share his faith? How does a pastor generate enthusiasm for evangelism in  his church? How does a pastor train his people.

 Using the principles of Evangelism Explosion, a middle-aged woman in another church in town trained my wife and me to share our faith – naturally, confidently, enthusiastically. EE’s presentation – outline, verses, and on-the-job training – gave me the track I needed to run on.

I’ve taught EE in both Spanish and English. I still use the basic EE presentation when I share my faith – in fact, I used it this week.

My debt is great to D. James Kennedy – I thank God for his example, training and faithfulness.



  1. As one of the members of Sam’s first congregation who went through EE training by Sam, I, too, am so thankful for Dr. Kennedy and his leadership in sharing the gospel throughout the world.

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