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This is a powerful illustration of the sovereignty of God as the power to persevere.


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  1. This man’s story is an awesome thing to watch. It reminds me of so many others who have phyically adverse conditions that they have received God’s grace to live in.

    I am also very challenged to hear the ways that he has biblically worked through his challenge. I am challenged because I have thought differently about our physical world and challenges in our lives.

    I always thought that God intimately created me the person and that I was born into a temporary body that is frought with imperfection due to the results of the fall. I have not thought that God designed my imperfect body but rather He gives me the grace to live in it for the time I am here and that His grace enables me to learn how to respond to the imperfections of this life.

    This man’s description of God intimately designing his body with its “disease” was God’s plan and that God placed his independant head strong person into this body for a reason.

    I never really felt that God designed imperfection to help us deal with our imperfections, rather He shows us how we can deal with them through imperfection. This may be a symantic arguement but I find it very challenging.

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