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One of the most interesting and helpful blogs is on-line mentoring with Fred Smith, Sr. Check it out at breakfast with Fred.


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  1. A few comments: First, this post is not about the Fred Smith of FedEx fame. I guess Fred is a more common name than I have realized.
    2nd: As Christian’s, we have by far the best access to learning the intangible mentoring skills and leadership skills that can make a real difference in our quality of life.
    As opposed to a secular environment centered around materiality, or a non-Christ centered religious environment based on complex rules and traditions, if you are immersed in a good Christian environment that gives meaning and understanding to life, you can maintain a focus and clarity that others don’t have. Without that focus or clarity, mentoring is unnatural and difficult.
    3rd: Smith mentions some mentoring examples that just crop up from nowhere. Whether we know it or not, especially as Christians that are forgiving and patient, we are always in the spotlight, so stay prepared and practice mentoring when you have the opportunity. It may take up your free time, but the rewards are so great for so many and for so long. Or you can go watch TV.

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