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It is not hard to get a crowd to church. If you are in Japan, for example, all you have to do is put in a wave pool.



  1. Nice…when Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins isnt enough to bring people to church, why not try a wave pool? Probably just a matter of time before we see this in America!

  2. I would hate to see the chemical breakdown of that water.

  3. Cham! Chad just said that last night. How icky. Haha. For once the nurse didn’t come out in me and worry about germs. I actually was thinking about how I would probably drown. And you think I’m lying. Just ask Chad about the last time we got in a wave pool. He almost couldn’t pull me out fast enough because he was laughing so hard at me struggling to breathe. Such a nice husband. Haha.

    That is definitely sad that this could probably bring more people to a church then Christ’s love. What is our world coming to?

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