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Monday afternoon, I was praying. I asked God to answer several long-standing requests. When I fired up the computer, I found the following emails from Joey and Krystal.

On 8/7/07, Joey Shaw wrote:

If you get a moment, would you please pray for us? Krystal and I are currently on two different flight routes home and are trying to get on the same route back to Austin. As of now, krystal will be in beirut an extra 24 hours by herself and I would have to spend 15+ hours in London. Would you please pray that we would be on the same flight. Either way, we confidently trust the Lord and rejoice in His will. He commands us to ask for these kinds of things…. so here you go!



That was last week. This was the email I found

We want to thank you if you prayed for us re: our plane ticket.

We are pumped right now as we really feel God has answered our prayer: today we went to the airline office (after being told “no deal” over the phone probably 15 times throughout the summer). Before we left, we prayed a simple prayer of joyful trust in God’s sovereignty. Well the lady at the airlines office pulled a deal for us so that both krystal and I are on the same route home.

Although this may seem like a small thing, we are excited and praise God because He hears the small things. Its amazing to have a God who cares when we ask Him for little things like routes “home”.




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  1. Praise God for a safe and united trip back home!!!!

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