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That’s the question we hear, isn’t it? I read the question in a newspaper in Indonesia after the Tsunami. I heard it in Oklahoma after a tornado wiped out a small town. I heard it from a grieving father in the emergency room of a hospital, as we sat, stunned by the loss of his wife.

The classic question of evil can be framed in this way:

If God is good, and…
If God is all-powerful…
Why does evil happen?
Either he can stop it and doesn’t want to (which would make him less than loving), or…
He wants to stop it and cannot (making him less than all-powerful).

What makes this more torturous is the fact that He is a father. Would I knowingly allow my children to suffer, if it were in my power to stop the suffering?

Maybe the question is wrong to begin with. Perhaps the question is…

What is God’s purpose in all things? Or…

What does God want me to do now?

I appreciate John Piper’s words in the wake of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis:


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  1. Thank you God for using Piper to help communicate your character and will. Piper is so awesome. Ive been a fan of his ministry since I was introduced to it over a year ago

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