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Our son Charlie is engaged!

As Ruthe says it, “my baby’s getting married!”

Charlie proposed to Jennie Slaver on Sunday morning – with horseback riding, a picnic, scripture reading, prayer, bended knee, footwashing (he washed her feet), a ring, and a song. He did it right!

Jennie is a lovely young lady, a gifted artist, a committed Christ-follower, and a lot of fun to be around. I told her what I’ve said to each of our sons–in-laws and our other daughter-in-law, “Nothing could make us happier than for you to be in our family!

When he called with the news, I asked Charlie for the date. He said, “Dad, I’ve only been engaged an hour!”

When I asked his permission to put this on my blog, he and Jennie said yes. They also said, “Tell people to send money – to 3545 Barwood Circle, Memphis 38122.”

 Charlie with ring

Jenny Laughing




  1. I am very happy for Charlie and Jennie, but this announcement just made me feel a whole lot older. What ever happened to that baby-faced kid who played in the band?

  2. Congratulations, Charlie.

    Jennie…You are becoming a member of a wonderful family, but I suppose you already know that.

  3. We’re both very excited and want to ask for everyone’s prayers as we embark on our new journey together. Jenny has a big semester in front of her (this is her last semester at Memphis College of Art). You can also pray for me as I work extra hours to save some money. We will be sure to keep everyone updated when we set a date and register for gifts.

    Thanks everyone!

    P.S. Dad you should know better! It’s J-E-N-N-Y !!!

  4. We’re ENGAGED!! I knew I made the right decision when Charlie went horseback riding with me all day after he proposed and got a blister on his rear end! Now thats Love!! Maybe he needs just a few more horseback riding lessons 🙂

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